Instagram Anyone?

I caved in and opened a dancy Instagram account. I have always dearly loved Instagram… and then forgotten about it for another year the second I closed the app. I promise this will not happen anymore.

So who’s on Instagram that I haven’t followed yet? Say the word and I will follow you! (Phantom of the Opera reference, yay.) Or tell me of your favourite dance, acro and fitness accounts to follow.

5 thoughts on “Instagram Anyone?

  1. Hi! I’m a regular reader. I just never comment usually. lol. I just followed on my main (bearika_ballerina) and my dancey account (bearike.ballerina). I know…not original at all but I already had that name on my main and liked it too much to make a completely different name.

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  2. I know! You’re one of my most loyal readers! Thank you!
    Wait… you’re Bearika Ballerina?! How cool! I’ve seen your blog on a couple of blogrolls and thought it was a pity you didn’t post much. Good to know you’re still around. 🙂

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  3. Yeah, that’s me! Sorry, I just saw this. hahahaha. I will try to post more! Sometimes it’s hard to tell if anyone reads our blogs or not! lol.

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