Closing The Year

I’ve allowed myself a little sabbatical from the blog for the past two weeks. I was on holiday, with no commuting time to kill and a lot of fun things to do. The winter holidays are among my favourite times of year and I have spent them going to heavy metal concerts, packing presents, decorating our enormous Christmas tree, spending time with family, friends and my beloved SO and ingesting copious amounts of delicious food.

2017 was a terrible year politically, but it was a great one for my dancing. I got to see amazing performances and to dance on stage myself. I have discovered a new artistry and an appreciation for dance within myself. I have overcome my first real dance-related injury with the help of an adorable and incredibly capable physical therapist, learning how to cope with injuries in the process. I have learned many things in class and through reading your blogs and I look forward to learning even more in 2018.

The dancing year ended quietly for me. The last jazz class was cancelled because Y. was ill. We learned a lovely contemporary choreography in the last ballet class before the holidays, which was rather fun. The last Friday modern class I skipped without regret, because during strength training beforehand, one of my hamstrings decided to be a diva about my new training plan and I realised class would probably be counterproductive.

That’s it from me. I wish you a great start into the new year 2018 – may it be better than 2017 for all of us.

Some holiday impressions: cats, metal concerts, Christmas trees and my beautiful dance calendar that I got from my mother-in-law. My parents gave me tickets to the Zurich Opera House – ballet, here I come! 


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