Back In Action (For Now)

Classes resume at different times in my different dance schools, so my return to dance after the holidays has been gradual and painless. For our first ballet class last Thursday, Birdie decided that we were going to whine about it anyway, so she might as well give us something to whine about: the class was challenging, but also fun. Monday modern was Monday modern. We’ve got a nice new floorwork sequence and Carrots promised to introduce more new stuff in the coming weeks.

Wednesday jazz class, which was supposed to be my first class after the holidays, I skipped. This was the first time I ever skipped a class because I simply didn’t want to go. I realised too late that the class was scheduled to start early and I would have had to run most of the way from the gym to make it. In addition, that was the day we were having a close encounter with the storm Eleanor (known as Burglind in the German-speaking countries), with torrential rain and umbrella-murdering winds. But really, were it for ballet or modern, I wouldn’t have hesitated.

I’ll be skipping jazz again today to go and finally try out that Advanced modern class I’ve been obsessing about. I’m reasonably confident (i.e. not completely panicky), but we’ll see. Wish me luck!

I haven’t really felt much like blogging or anything else these past few days because my skin decided we were no longer friends and broke out in outrageously itchy bumps all over. My doctor, whom I went to see today, attributed it to stress and forbade me from using soap or shower gel on most of it for now. I’ve also got anti-histamines, which is a first, and a huge bucket of skin lotion. I really hope something helps, because feeling like tearing my skin off with my teeth has left me a bit miffed. To add insult to injury, sweat makes the itching worse and my beloved scalding showers are downright painful. Showering with lukewarm water IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WINTER sucks as does sleeping with gloves on in order not to wake or injure myself through scratching. At least I know it’s not contagious and I can still go to dance class!

Have you ever had annoying skin issues? How did you cope?

7 thoughts on “Back In Action (For Now)

  1. So sorry to hear! Get well soon: :-* ! I have chronic skin issues that are getting worse in winter. Unfortunately I don’t really know anything that helps. I am basically just waiting it out and try not to irritate it even more. So, meh. :-/

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  2. Thanks! You poor thing! Get better, too. This is a first for me and I was climbing the walls after three days already. Fortunately, anti-histamines turned out to be just what the doctor ordered (well, he did). I hope this goes away soon and does not become chronic, but who knows. I might just stick to my new shower-gel-less life. It works surprisingly well even after sweaty dance class. Then again, it’s the first day, maybe I’ll start to smell later in the week. 😂


  3. Hope it goes away quickly! I’ve had eczema on and off all my life (usually stress-related), but thankfully it is under control these days. Sweat is the WORST when your skin is irritated. Scalding hot water is definitely a no-no 😦

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  4. Thank you! It’s getting much better already with the prescribed treatment, what a relief! I hope I can learn to control it in the future.


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