Chilling Out

I tend to go a bit overboard on pretty much anything I enjoy. This explains why I have four dance classes and two gym sessions a week. Last year, missing a class would’ve caused me acute bad conscience. I’d drag myself to class when injured «to see how it goes» and feel terrible if the injury was bad enough that I couldn’t participate.

This is obviously not a healthy dance-dancer relationship. I’m very happy to say my amazing physio, Mr. Adorable, has cured me of most of it during the summer. On one hand, he showed me that I can recover and come back stronger. On the other, we talked a lot about how our perceptions, ideas and expectations influence pain and healing.

So these days, when I land from a forward temps de flèche like a sack of potatoes and my knee momentarily forgets which way it’s supposed to bend, I no longer freak out. I just skip the Thrusday and Friday classes to give it time to recover and enjoy having an evening or two off for once. Yesterday, we had time to watch TWO episodes of Star Trek Discovery and that is something to be grateful for.

I was going to hit the gym today to do arms and core, but started feeling ill-ish. My job required me to attend a giant trade fair this Wednesday. It is the middle of the flu season, but this is a very important trade fair, you see, so I shudder to imagine how many people dragged themselves there despite obvious symptoms. And with how many of them I’ve had to shake hands and exchange both platitudes and viruses. So I decided not to push my luck. If my luck has already been decided and I’m in for happy fun tiemz with this year’s choice selection of orthomyxoviruses, at least I won’t share it with the whole gym.

Despite getting up way too early and dragging myself around the fair all day, I made it into Advanced modern. It was only my second class ever and I’m terribly afraid of falling behind in that class – at the pace Grace teaches, I’ll never be able to catch up. I’m not a social person and the trade show wore me out, which may or may not have caused my bad landing. After modern, I dropped into my last official jazz class on my way home to say good-bye to everyone and to thank Y. for everything she taught me. The difference in pacing between the two classes was a bit of a shock, but by that point, I was falling off my feet and didn’t really mind.

Have you ever hyperextended your knee? How did it heal? I understand it’s a very common injury. I didn’t hurt myself too badly: there was neither pain nor instability, nor loss of ROM and I could continue dancing just fine. It felt a bit swollen the following day. That’s hypermobility for you: not always a great thing to have.

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