Another Recital!

It seems that whenever I join a modern class, I immediately get drafted into a recital. Which is a good thing!

In yesterday’s Advanced modern, Grace asked us if we’d be willing to participate in the studio’s summer recital in the city theatre. My Monday / Friday school only has a recital for everybody every couple of years. The Wednesday school, being much bigger, has one every year, but not all classes get to participate at once. The Advanced modern class was actually in the recital last year and wasn’t supposed to be on stage this year. However, Grace drafted us in to bolster the numbers of the Intermediate class, because only eight of them can participate and the stage is enormous.

This is obviously great for me. It is doubtful whether I deserve to be called advanced, but I’m certainly a solid intermediate so no problems there. And I’d love to stand on that stage again! The whole recital experience was amazing and helped me bond with my classmates. I’m very much hoping the same thing will happen here.

We have already started learning the piece and it seems pretty straight-forward so far. The theme of the performance is «Radio [name of the school]» and Grace’s very talented young adult daughter will be providing the music for some of the pieces, including ours, as well as dancing along with us. I look forward to learning more and to the big rehearsals in the spring!

On a completely unrelated note, I got my new tattoo done today! No classes or gym for a week, but for this beauty, I can live with that. It took five hours to ink and hurt quite a bit, but my amazing Latvian artist, John Logan, did a gorgeous job and I’m as happy as a clam! ❤️

rachno-informed, it is a Phidippus regius or regal jumping spider and yes, you can google it to see how realistic John's work is!

6 thoughts on “Another Recital!

  1. Have you seen the cute video of the little spider that looks just like that trapped under the glass and it talks super cute like? I’ll send it to you if you haven’t seen it.

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