Missed You!

ARGH I’ve missed blogging so much, you guys! I’ve been crazy busy in this past few weeks. A couple of minor health blerghs nonwithstanding, I’ve been dancing and training like crazy, got involved with a cool new volunteer project, set up and enacted a social media strategy at work, went to see a burlesque show, a photography expedition, a bike expo, a gardening show and Parov Stelar, spent way too much time shopping online for new clothes because spring, survived both the «Russian cold whip» and all of my advanced modern classes, signed up for a national newspaper and The New York Times to better structure my news reading and waged war on the thrips that decided to nibble on my many (many, many) beloved houseplants.

This is obviously all time-consuming stuff, but I still somehow found time to be lazy and watch a bazillion animal videos on Youtube. I neglected the blog and I apologize! Then again, doing mindless lazy stuff is how I unwind, so maybe it was all for the best.

My schedule has not yet lightened in any meaningful way, but I realised I miss blogging too damn much to care. I’ll be catching up on all of your blogs over the next few days. For now, a brief summary of dance-related news.

TL;DR: Dancing is going great!

My advanced modern teacher Grace really lifted my spirits yesterday. We were practicing our recital piece, which I still feel quite unsure in. After the final round, she told me off for being too shy and withdrawn when dancing, saying «If you weren’t good enough for this class, I’d have told you a long time ago. You can do all of this, so do it with conviction!» I wouldn’t mind getting this type of telling-off more often!

The rest of yesterday’s class has been weird because everyone was so concerned with the floor. Some of my classmates had a party at the studio last week-end, and apparently, something went terribly wrong during clean-up, because the floor turned insanely sticky. Like, more than it was before the clean-up. The same cleaning agent was used as is usually used at the studio, and the cleaning was thorough, so we spent half a lesson coming up with wild theories. The wildest was that people’s sneakers had rubbed off on the floor and that material then got degraded by either the spilled drinks or the cleaning agent itself and spread neatly all over the studio by the act of mopping the floor. We may never know. I hope they can fix it somehow, because damn, pirouettes hurt when your sock remains attached to the floor.

My splits have magically improved as well, as I found out at the gym last Friday. I’ve read up on stretching a little bit and started doing the videos Asher sent me again, so I guess it wasn’t all magic. Still, I was surprised how quickly just a couple of sessions yielded results. I will write about that in more detail.

My baller teacher Birdie is dead-set on me doing double pique turns and pirouettes and won’t take no for an answer. And who am I to argue with my ballet teacher? My singles have been getting better and better, so it might just happen. Birdie also fixed my pique turns last week: I was throwing myself forward too much and losing my balance after just one turn. If I think up instead of forward, I can do a much neater single and stay up on relévé seemingly forever.

I have also improved suprisingly at assemblés. One class, I was trampling my own feet and falling over, the next, I could reliably do recognizable assemblés. Just what. I often experience this with steps and combinations, but it still baffles me. Or maybe my new and fabulous Avengers Assemblé t-shirt from Cloud & Victory did the trick!

That’s it for now! I’m off to ballet class to see whether anything else has magically improved without my knowledge or it it all turns out to be too good to be true.

4 thoughts on “Missed You!

  1. Also, I am happy your single pirouettes are improving! Only a matter of time before the doubles start happening on accident and then on purpose regularly. 😀

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