I’ll Be Back (Maybe)

Hello again after far too long a time. Just so this doesn’t end up as one more blog petering out into nothingness, I’ve decided to write the last post on Dorky Dancing – for now.

While this intro may sound dramatic, nothing terrible has happened. I’m still dancing four times a week, still improving, still loving it, still hitting the gym. (Although this week, I’m taking it slightly easier as I’ve done something weird to my hip. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

I miss bloging and I very much miss reading from you all, but I can’t really fit it into my schedule right now. Or, if I’m honest, it’s not a priority right now. Learning macro photography, looking for a new job, planning a long overdue vacation, reading many wonderful books, keeping up at work, following along with the news, volunteering for a cool project, cosplaying Princess Leia / General Organa with my mother, hanging out with the SO and our friends and of course dancing and training themselves are priorities. Not to mention getting enough sleep at some point. 😉

I’ll compose blog entries in my head whilst walking from the gym to class or from class to my house, but I never take the time to write them. And that’s okay, because the blog was always supposed to be a fun outlet and not an obligation. The Dorky Dancing social media accounts will be inactive, too.

I’m not deleting anything or leaving dramatically FOREVER, by the way. I might well be back before long, should my schedule ever become less busy or should my interests veer toward blogging again. Or I might be gone for good. Because you never know, do you?

So, anyone who cares, rest assured that I’m alive, healthy, happy and still dancing. If any of you are ever in Switzerland, please let me know. We can hang out and maybe even dance together! I will still receive WordPress notifications, so a comment on this post will do! If you ‘d like to stay in touch (I would love to!), you can also add me on Facebook, where I’m most active. There will be spider photos though, so be warned.

I love you and I wish you all the best. Dance on!

– The Dork

Proof that I’m alive, I guess? 😛 Photo by the wonderful Milad Ahmadvand.

8 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back (Maybe)

  1. OMG you’re beautiful! I’ll miss your blog but I am glad you’re finding joy in your life and the things you really love. Be well, be blessed, Godspeed. Jesus loves you ❤

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  2. I’ll miss your blog but I totally understand. I never have the time to blog. I could probably make the time but my life isn’t all that interesting. I just sent a friend request (Erika Raelyn Covarrubias). 🙂 I’m super active there.

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